1. What will the services cost me?

-Health Systems of South Carolina is contracted with several state and federally funded programs and organizations that pay for our services, as well as some private insurance companies. We are always looking for new ways and partnerships to help assist with covering the cost of these services that many can't afford to be without. Health Systems of South Carolina is also prepared to serve self-pay clients as well. We realize that the needs of each client is different, therefore we do not have blanket rates. A preliminary assessment is completed to determine needs and rates that will be both affordable and consistent with the needs and financial capabilities of each client. Give us a call today to see how our HEART can make a REAL DIFFERENCE!

2. How do I know if your practitioners are qualified to care for me, or my loved one, or patient ?

-Health Systems of South Carolina takes each of our practitioners through an extensive onboarding process that includes verification of the required educational and experience we expect. Background checks are done both locally and nationally. In addition to their educational degrees and proffessional licenses,  each practitioner completes thorough classroom and field training both internally and externally and are always participating in continuing educational requirements to stay abreast of industry changes and best practices. This is the reason we can guarantee that a consistent standard of excellence, quality and expertise is exhibited with any of our practitioners.

3. Are your services 24 hours?

-There is always someone available to take your call and /or referral. Sometimes clients have needs that can met on the next business day and we address those accordingly, but there is always a live person on-call to direct your call as needed.